Price: 15 000 KZT
Price: 21 000 KZT
Price: 21 000 KZT

 Our Family Hotel offers you the most comfortable living conditions to make you feel at home.

You may comfortably settle whether in separate one bedroom little house for the family or company of 4 persons, and you can also order any of the 6 comfortable rooms you liked.

  • Standard two bedrooms – 4 rooms

  • Standard two bedrooms with a kitchen – 1 room

  • Semi-lux room– 1 room.

By the prior booking the following rooms are available for you:

We keep up the best green hospitality management traditions. Each room is lovely designed in a village style. The only natural environmentally- friendly materials were used in designing the rooms. We care about not only your comfortable rest, but your health as well.

Nonetheless, the village conditions do not affect the comfortable connection to the world. There is a free wireless connection access in each room. Having in mind the capacity of Wi-Fi routers, you can communicate and work through the network from any place of our territory, whether from veranda or arbor, or just sitting under the tree on the bedding.

Each room is equipped with the modern furniture. Comfortable beds allow you to sleep out well, dipping in scroop of starched linen and cloud of pillows. Your clothes will be settled in the wardrobes and drawers. You can also have a good tea on the covered table: there is tea-service in each room.

And, of course, there are the best friends of the family such as the television and refrigerator, which you can find in each room. You can watch numerous satellite channels and your favorite movies via DVD.

If you cannot imagine your holiday without your home made delicacies, or you are with your little kids, who are on a special diet, you will like the kitchen in one of the rooms or cottage, fully settled with all the necessary equipment.

Our guests are provided with hot and cold water all the twenty four hours. There is a wash-stand and toilet in each room and you can take a steam bath in a settled bath-house, which you are provided with for the token payment.

And the F&H personnel care about the perfect neatness in your rooms.

It is worth noting that all the facilities listed are available for our guests for the minimum prices. Kindly ask the manager to specify the room cost by phone or in the price-list.

Our comfortable rooms are waiting for you!

By using our services , you are supporting Biathlon Federation of Kazakhstan!

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